Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I should update this more often.

Here's a quick one, since it's after one in the morning.
Since my last post...
Well, it definitely snowed again. But first, it iced. That's right; we had almost an entire week off of school because of icy roads. We thought we might go stir crazy; thankfully, I at least was able to get out of my apartment (if only to walk to my brother's) and enjoy a random break from classes.
Classes have gone well for the most part. 2 midterms last week & 2 this week, and then Friday or Saturday I'll go home for Spring Break! Though brother and I went home for a weekend recently, I'm excited to have time to spend with my parents and friends.
I'm really enjoying Crime and Punishment, which I'm reading for literary analysis. More on that over on tumblr.
Took a little trip to Corinth with my roomie to watch friends of mine dance last weekend; spending time with them or even just seeing them is so refreshing to my heart. 
Another thing that refreshes my heart: homegroup. Brother's roomie's fiance has been taking me with her and investing in my spiritual life and just altogether making my feel extra loved lately. I am so grateful to God for putting her in my life; I needed someone like her up here.

I will try to get better about remembering to update this!
<3 Have a happy Wednesday~


Krista Marie :) said...

I LOVE your updates. Please update more often. I will read them. :)
I'll do the same in return. Sorry life is so busy, but this can be something that we can update each other on life. I'll be home in 6 weeks, my love!
Krista :)

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