Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this is about relationships, but not romantic ones (though it probably applies to those too)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how interesting relationships are. Every single human on this earth is so individual, so every single relationship is different. Some are similar, sure, but there are nuances that make every couple, every trio, every group just a little different. And how you interact with someone and what they mean to you has so much more to do with personalities and the way your hearts connect than it does with time spent together or length of acquaintance. The people I spend the most time with aren’t all necessarily the ones who know the most about me, which is also odd to contemplate. It takes a special someone to really know someone else. It takes genuine interest and love. In fact, I believe it takes God’s love to really connect with someone else. In all honesty and in my experience, relationships are so much easier when God facilitates them. Because then it’s not my humanity—my fail-able, imperfect, selfish, despicable humanity—trying to maintain a friendship. That’s why I don’t give up on some of the relationships my human mind wants to let go of because they’re a little harder to keep up than others. It’s like God says,Look, I know this takes some effort, but they need your love and you need theirs, and so you ARE going to ask them how their day went and tell them you’re praying for them, you ARE going to stay in contact with them, because in the long run, they’re worth it, even though your puny human brain can’t understand that all the time. 


Hosier said...

That's something I've learned over the past two years or so. It's easy to spend a lot of time with people, but it doesn't translate into actually becoming great friends with them. I obviously spent a lot of time with Ketcher and Josh, but what made them such good friends were the times where we'd stop playing video games and just actually talk about what was going on in life, whether it be school, relationships, spiritual things, etc.

It's an important thing to learn, and it's good that you're realizing it now when you're still early on in your college career. Just make sure to take advantage of the time and really invest in people. :)

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