Saturday, January 01, 2011

hello, 2011!

My family rang in the New Year with some dear friends. We ate delicious food (crab poppers & spinich dip with hawaiian bread: yuuuum), watched some of the festivities in NYC, played some rousing games of ping-pong and pool, toasted the New Year (those who aren't underage, anyway), and then watched a couple episodes of Psych (we started the year laughing; always a good thing). I had a great time; last minute plans are always good, right?

Now, as far as resolutions go... I don't ever really make "resolutions." Don't everyone's always get broken anyway? But this year, I did compile a list of sorts.
In 2011, I want to:
. keep a list of all the books I read (and I want there to be a lot of books)
. do a better job of keeping a prayer journal
. do a better job of keeping a journal in general (here or on paper)
. make money over the summer
. remain positive
. try to inspire others
. make good grades
. take pictures everywhere
. travel
. laugh
. love


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