Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree!

Happy Christmas!
I was slightly saddened at the lack of Christmas cheer my apartment exhibited at the start of this December. Not to say that we were not excited about Christmas--we were!--but we lacked proper decorations. Being a poor college student, I was reluctant to spend money on a Christmas tree or lights, especially since I know that I have those very things stashed up in my closet back home. Next year, I'll bring them with me, but this year, I decided to improvise, and try to find a way to make decorations without spending much money. By Google searching for homemade Christmas trees, I found this website, which taught me how to make trees out of old books and magazines. My roommate and I then went to the clearance section of the Half Price Books store where I found an old Reader's Digest magazine and an old version of the MLA Handbook for only $1 a piece; I chose this book because it had a shiny silver cover, which I thought would be perfect for making the stars for the tops of my trees, and the magazine because I thought it would make cute, little trees. I had more than enough pages; there are currently these four trees on our kitchen table, one on our coffee table, and one on my desk in my bedroom. Also, it turns out that my choice to use the Reader's Digest was a good one; my mom and my aunt both said they used to make these trees from RDs when they were kids! I had a lot of fun making these trees, and I think they're really cute, and will make great Christmas decorations for years to come. 
Merry Christmas!

love, Kinsey


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